Nov 29, 2020

5 Simple Steps To Find a New Account of Vijaya Bank of Baroda

The bank account number, New IFSC code of the Vijaya bank, and the New bank passbook with the New Account Number have all changed since Vijay Bank was Migrating to Bank of Baroda. Today's post is made for you. Vijaya bank account number changes to the bank of Baroda so we can teach Vijaya bank to bank of Baroda account number online how to get.

Vijaya Bank customers will still realize that Vijaya Bank has merged with Bank of Baroda. After Vijaya Bank merged with Bank of Baroda, many customers of Vijaya Bank will face a lot of difficulties due to the merger with Vijaya Bank Bank of Baroda. Because when Vijay Bank merged with Bank of Baroda, the account number of Vijaya Bank customers with IFSC code, MICR code, Vijaya Bank, all these things have been improved, it means that the bank through Vijaya Bank Due to such an incident in Baroda Of Baroda, Vijaya Bank's new account number IFSC code, as well as MICR code, has been changed.

If a customer of Vijaya Bank wants to know their new account number, in today's post I will teach you that you don't have to go to the bank to find the new account number as well as New IFSC code and New MICR code online.

Bank of Baroda has set up a facility on its own website which allows Vijaya Bank customers to enter their old account number and old IFSC code, complete their new account number, and complete information of IFSC Code online at home or using a computer in the office.

How to get a new account number from the old account number of the Vijay Bank?

  1. First Go to
  2. Account Mapping Port Page Opening Then After Entering Your Old Vijaya Bank Account Number and Old Vijaya Bank IFSC Code.
  3. After Entering Correct Details Enter CAPTCHA 
  4. Click Submit Button 
  5. After Waiting Two or Three Minutes, You Can get your new account number and new ifsc code of bank of Baroda, 

Get Your New Account Number of Old Vijay Bank

In today's post, we will have a new account number of Vijaya bank and complete information about how to find the IFSC code online. In today's post, you will have to share more so that this post can reach many people.
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