Apr 6, 2021

New IFSC Code Dena Bank of Baroda Pariej BARB0DBPRIE

Dena Bank of Baroda whose branch name was Pariej, Ground has changed its new IFSC code: BARB0DBPRIE and New MICR code: 388012550. After merging Dena Bank into Bank of Baroda (BOB), old Dena Bank Customer merges into Bank of Baroda So that Bank of Baroda Become Big Bank into across India. Dena Bank Branch Pariej has same address Chokdi Highway, Near Swaminarayan Gate, Kheda, Gujarat 387411 its Means Address is not Change. OLD Dena Bank Customer Inform to you that it's Loan Account, Debit Card Number or Credit Card Number is Temporary same after some time it's Change and Bank of Baroda (BOB) Manage Loan, Credit Card and all other

Pariej Main Branch Dena Bank IFSC Code, Contact Phone Number, Address, Manager Details Then This Post is Most Importance To You. Into https://www.newifscdenavijayabankofbaroda.com/  Website Giving Information about Dena Bank of Baroda Details Like Circle, Dena new IFSC Code, Dena New MICR Code, Dena Bank New Swift Code, Address, City, Contact No (Phone Number), E-mail id, Address with Google Map for Dena Bank Branch Location. 

How to Searching Dena Bank New Account Number?

Dena Bank's old IFSC code was BKDN0220874 which was changed to Dena Bank of Baroda IFSC code BARB0DBPRIE  Dena Bank OLD MICR code was 388018504 which has been merged with Bank of Baroda to make the new MICR code 388012550 and Dena Bank's passbook has also been changed. The name of Dena Bank will be considered as Dena Bank of Baroda.

  • Dena Bank of Baroda:  PARIEJ
  • Address of Dena Bank: Chokdi Highway, Near Swaminarayan Gate, Kheda, Gujarat 387411
  • City: PARIYEJ                                                                     
  • District: KHEDA
  • State: GUJARAT
  • Dena Bank Old IFSC Code BKDN0220874
  • Dena Bank New IFSC Code: BARB0DBPRIE
  • Dena Bank Old MICR Code: 388018504
  • Dena Bank New MICR Code: 388012550

You can also easily remember the new  IFSC code of Dena Bank of Baroda as the IFSC code of every Bank of Baroda starts from  BARB Then Zero(0) and the last Six Digit is the name of the branch of  Bank of Baroda. In the same way, the new IFSC code of his Dena bank of Baroda can be easily memorized in which the first BARB is followed by 0 followed by 6 characters named Dena Bank with Branch Name. I will give you the exam and explain that if the name of the branch is PARIEJ  then the IFSC code of Dena bank is BARB Then After Zero (0) And Dena Bank Code DB after First 4 Digit Branch Name Like  BARB0DBPRIE

After the merger of Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda, the name of the branch, the address of the branch and the staff working in the branch will not make any difference; only the name of the bank has been changed from Dena Bank to Bank of Baroda. So with this, you have also come to realize that the address of the province before which you will be the branch of Dena Bank of Baroda at the same address as well as to tell you that Dena Bank contact number or number helpline number which will be the same but Dena Bank The website has been renamed https://edena.bankofbaroda.in/

 Why Dena Bank of Baroda needs the IFSC code but the IFSC code has played an important role in domestic money transfer. IFSC code allows you to easily know the name of the bank's branch. From which complete information of the bank can also be obtained. The MICR code is used in the checkbook. The MICR can also be a magnet ink character reader. The number of MICR codes is nine characters and the number of characters in the IFSC code is 11 characters.

Friends In today's post, I want complete information about the new IFSC code of Dena Bank of Baroda due to the merger of Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda. In today's post, I want this. The IFSC code as well as the account number has been changed.


Dena Bank of Baroda PARIEJ,Chokdi Highway, Near Swaminarayan Gate, Kheda, Gujarat 387411 New IFSC Code is BARB0DBPRIE and New MICR Code 388012550

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